Thursday, April 06, 2006

Proceeds from Laci Peterson Estate

A hearing in Stanislaus Court, Modesto, CA has been
scheduled for April 13, 2006. Jacqueline (Jackie)
Peterson, mother of convicted killer Scott Peterson,
has filed a motion March 27, 2006 to obtain monies
from Laci Peterson's estate.

The former residence of Laci and Scott Peterson was
was sold in July. Jackie and Lee Peterson have already
received some of the proceeds from that sale.

JP seeks $35,000 to reimburse her and her husband Lee
Peterson for costs they voluntarily paid to maintain Scott
and Laci's former home while he was incarcerated, on trial
and subsequently convicted of Laci and their unborn child
Connor's deaths.

The reimbursement would be for: mortgage payments,
property taxes, utility bills and home repairs the Petersons
say they made on the residence during the dates between
April 2003 and February 2005.

The Peterson's stayed at the residence during Scott Peterson's
trial utilizing the utilities and pool.

Jacqueline Peterson "I do not ask to profit. I ask for what is
" fair and proper."