Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Entwistle Indicted

Neil Entwistle has been indicted by a Grand Jury in
the shooting deaths of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle.

Entwistle's lawyer says that Entwistle will again plead
not guilty in Superior Court at his next arraignment.
Weinstein further stated that this decision by the
Grand Jury was expected. "“It merely moves the
proceedings from the district court to the superior
court, where we will continue to aggressively defend
the charges of murder."

The spokesperson for the Matterazo's has said on their
behalf that "the indictment moves things one step closer
to justice. The Matterazzo's plan to attend the arraignment
in Superior Court.

Meanwhile, State Trooper Michael Banks and Hopkinton
Detective Scott van Raalten traveled to England for several
days while continuing their investigation.

A media pundit on television today made an observation
that perhaps Neil Entwistle was trying to set a scene,
as if Rachel had shot Lillian and then committed suicide.
The pundit stated it was her opinion that there was
more of a diabolical plan on Neil Entwistle's part than
was readily apparent at first.
Most photos of Neil Entwistle have shown him with a calm,
almost smug expression, even smiling. For a photo that shows
possible concern or dislike of what the Prosecutor was telling
the court check out the link above.