Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jury delivers ruling in Gregory DeViller's case

The family of Gregory de Viller had previously filed
a damage claim against the San Diego County
Medical Examiner's Office which was summarily
rejected by that office.

Deviller's two brothers and his father then filed a lawsuit.
"The de Villers family told reporters the county forced
them to take their grievances to court. "

Jerome de Villers said "I've never heard them take
responsibility for what they did -- or didn't do,"
"The lack of security. Their negligence. I guess I feel
that they'll never admit they did anything wrong."

The suit sought $10 million from both the county and
Kristin Rossum. Instead the jury awarded $6 million.

The jury decided the county was liable and assessed
their part at $1.5 million. The county intends to appeal.

Kirsten Rossum was held liable for $4.5 million.

Prosecutors and others say that if the county officials
had done their job and checked Kirsten Rossum's
background prior to hiring her, she would never have
been hired. Her past history of drug would have
prevented her from obtaining employment with
the Medical Examiner's Office as a Forensic
Toxicologist, and therefore wouldn't have been
in an affair with her boss nor had access to the
drug she used to kill Gregory de Viller with.

Through her employment, Kirsten Rossum
obtained fentanyl, a regulated painkiller.

Lyle Koonts, jury foreman, said "the award
was meant to prevent Kirsten Rossum
from making a profit from her life story.
"She was the major contributor" "She was
the triggerman. But we also felt the county
was somewhat responsible."

Kirsten Rossum is appealing her conviction.