Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Search Warrant Entwistle Court Documents

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Neil Entwistle's Toshiba Laptop turned up
Internet searches regarding the following
addresses in the Boston and Worcester
areas: Blonde Beauties, Eye Candy
Entertainment, weet Temptations,
Exotic Express, and Adult Friend Finder,
a site that helps subscribers with
personal ads, finding sexual partners
and various other services.

Neil Entwistle reportedly was visiting sex
clubs for swingers. According to the local
media, " married men can fly below their
spouse's radar by posting lurid photographs
of themslves taken from below the belt" at
Adult Friend Finder.

The owner of Blonde Beauties, one of
the escort services sites had this to
say “Hopefully they’ll stick him in a
hole and cover him up.” The owner
further claimed that Blonde Beauties
"would not have done business with
the likes of Entwistle — a married
man seeking sex outside his home —
because, “What he would be looking
for was a place to go to, which we
don’t have. We mainly deal with
tourists calling from hotel rooms
and looking for companionship.”

Police further allege Entwistle
“made attempts to contact” Adult
Friend Finder members.
Court records did not suggest he
had actually met with any of them.

It seems Neil Entwistle was creating a
cyber "little black book" for future

Two days before the murders
of his wife and child.