Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rachel & Lillian Entwistle

Court Affidavit - Autopsy Details

After the discovery of the bodies
of Rachel & Lillian, it was noted that
there appeared to be indications of
of trauma to the infant's face,
including a contusion to the left
eye, nose and mouth area, blood
mucus in the infant's nostrils.

The autopsy subsequently showed that
Rachel Entwistle died of a .22 gunshot
wound to the forehead, just above the
hairline, to the center. The .22 gunshot
to Lillian passed through her body and
into her mother's torso.

Entwistle told LE that when he found
his wife and daughter dead, he saw
blood on his daughter and saw that
both had been shot. He claimed to
have covered them with the
blanket and left the room.

LE found a pillow over baby Lillian's

Apparently it had blood and/or
bodily fluids on the pillow and case.

In the affidavit, LE states the pillow
is more relevant to the investigation
than at the time of the initial search
because of new information from
Neil Entwistle's statement.

There was no immediate visible
evidence that either had been shot.

Rachel's arm had been draped
over the baby's torso, covering the
font entrance wound.

It wasn't until the bodies were
being moved that investigators
noted both a gunshot wound to
baby Lillian's torso and to
mother Rachel's chest.

The gunshot to Rachel's head
was not discovered until the
autopsy, and there was
minimal bleeding.