Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Entwistle - Secrecy and Lies

Was Neil Entwistle seriously considering
suicide? Or was he like so many other
jerks who prefer murder as their first
course of action as a way out of a
situation they can't control?

Rachel had built up a cadre of friends
in the UK and was torn between her
lifestyle there and being close to her
parents for the sake of her daughter

Neil Entwistle has stated to LE
that Rachel was more family
oriented than he.

If he indeed is the culprit who
brutally murdered Rachel and
baby Lillian, that statement may
explain how he was able to do
such a deed, and then to carry
on nonchalantly with his flight to
the U.K., one presumes to resume
a lifestyle he was more comfortable

Neil Entwistle purchased a one
way ticket to England. This, after
reportedly "finding" his wife and
daughter murdered. His explanation
for his actions was "confusion."

Even in "confusion" one wonders,
if he loved them so much, and
hadn't done this foul deed,
why didn't he call LE, even if he
was initially suspected, he could
be cleared and LE would be
able to start their search for the
murderer much quicker.

Neil Entwistle didn't return
for his family's funeral.

Confusion still? Or was it
he felt safer from extradition
and prosecution?

Here's a man who lies to his
wife about their financial status.
The trail from his reported business
card leads from his in-law's home
address to a London UK firm, who's
address comes back to yet another
company's name.

Neil Entwistle's secrecy started long
before he married Rachel. A former
landlord wanting to renovate his
home attempted to gain access for
the upgrades. Neil Entwistle stymied
and denied entry.

Neil Entwistle reportedly, from
Rachel's own words to her mother,
refused to discuss finances or their
financial future with her.

Neil had English Credit cards,
and when Rachel attempted to
use one, found the account was
frozen. Was this merely one
more red flag in her mind? Did
Neil explain that away?

Rachel believed that they
had enough money to put
a large down payment on
a home, or to purchase a
home outright, but that
their money had been tied up
in off shore accounts and that
access to the money was

Neil reportedly told Rachel
that everything was under control
and that their financial future was

Neil Entwistle's refusal to discuss
their finances with Rachel caused
problems between them.

Is this a case where the house of
cyber shuffle and plastic cards
came crashing down around his
ears when his wife found out
that their future was not so
rosy? Did the husband
decide to terminate the
marriage before that event,
which he knew would soon

Did Neil Entwistle really
and truly think his wife and
child would be better off
dead if he weren't there if
he committed suicide?

Whichever, it was murder, foully
done to two individuals who did
not deserve such treatment.