Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Macabre turn of events

The step-father of Rachel Entwistle
Joe Matterazzo unwittingly used for
target practice, the same weapon
that is believed to have been used
by Neil Entwistle to murder Rachel
and Lillian Entwistle.

Matterazzo had previously taken
Neil target shooting with the .22
calibre weapons that he owned.
Neil was familiar with the weapons.

Defense attorneys are already
stating that this gives an alternative
explanation for Neil's DNA being on
the gun.

The last time Matterazzo had used
the firearms was about last

On Saturday, January 21st, Joe
Matterazzo had taken his collection
to the shooting range and fired them.

The coroner put the time of deaths,
of Rachel and Lillian, on Friday. Their
bodies were not found until Sunday.

Although Materrazzo could not have
known at the time, this has probably
added to the devastation he and his
wife, Rachel's mother, feel.

Defense attorneys are also
stating Matterazzo may have
inadvertently contaminated
the evidence from the firearm,
and that Materazzo's use of the
gun for target practice could
provide a challenge to any case
against Entwistle.

Neil Entwistle could have used
the gun, and replaced it, knowing
his father in law's prints were on
the firearm, thus providing LE
a scapegoat for his own crimes.