Monday, February 13, 2006

Neil Entwistle

The Entwistle murders have reminded many
of the Stuart, Hacking, and other somewhat
similar cases.

Framingham Judge, Robert Greco released
over 200 pages despite the opposition of
the DA, Martha Coaxley.

Within those documents there is investigative
information that does nothing to dismiss
comparisons with other murder cases.

Entwistle reportedly did research on
how to kill, viewing an electronic document
on Jan. 16, (Monday), and on Jan. 17, (Tuesday)
"which describes how to kill people by various
methods." Also, that Entwistle looked for
info online on suicide and how to kill someone
with a knife.

Entwistle is alleged to have visited several
Worcester adult escort service websites
on Jan. 18th. (Wed.) He reportedly had
Mapquest directions to at least one of
the sites.

Investigators say that Entwistle was at
a garage at Logan Airporte at 10:50 p.m.
(Thurs.), the night before it is believed
he murdered Rachel and Lillion. It's
believed he shot and killed them on
Friday morning.

Further, that he returned the gun to
Rachel's parent's house in Carver, and then
with no luggage, flew to England on

It's stated on Search warrant documents
that Entwistle’s father called Rachel Entwistle’s
stepfather the Monday after the murders and
told him that Neil claimed to have found the
bodies and then fled to England.

Also, that Entwistle told a Massachusetts
State Police detective the same story
on the phone about an hour or two later after
this call to Rachel's stepfather.

Another kicker in all this information is that the
parents of Rachel, believed their son- in- law
was a secret government agent.

Now how would they believe that unless Neil
had spun them, and Rachel, a bogus con.
Perhaps we'll find out what kind of web
Entwistle was spinning later as more
information becomes available.

Other alleged gleanings from the court documents:

Entwistle told the police that the job interview
he'd gone on the day his wife and daugher were
murdered didn't work out, but he hadn't told Rachel.

Entwistle would not respond when Rachel would
ask him about family finances. This caused "conflict"
between them.

Rachel's mother, Priscilla Matterazzo stated she
"never saw Neil use cash, and paid for everything
on credit." " The couple returned to the U.S. from
Neil’s native England because “Neil would never
amount to anything in England because of his
accent: he was obviously a coalminer’s son from
a working class background.”

Rachel told her mother Priscilla, that "their money
had been tied up in “offshore accounts,” which Neil
would not discuss."

The Matterazzos received a business card from Neil.
It was from his "Embedded New Technologies" and was
“not professionally printed” but instead was "a folded
piece of paper held together with tape."

Mounting debt and a monthly rent of
$2,700, “ coupled with Entwistle's
secrecy about his work history and family
finances, "appears to have caused strain
in their relationship and by itself is
indication of serious financial
problems in the family which gave
Neil Entwistle a motive to murder
his wife and child.”

Prosecutors have said they aren't aware
if Entwistle has hired an attorney in
Massachusetts. If he declares he is
indigent, he could be assigned a lawyer.
The DA's office expects Entwistle
to declare himself indigent.