Friday, February 10, 2006

Neil Entwistle arrested for the murders of Rachel & Lillian Entwistle - He claims he "found" them dead.

In London today at the Bow Street Magistrates
Court, Neil Entwistle told a Judge that he
would not fight extradition. Reporters claim
he had his head held high and his lips curled
into a half-smile on his face while answering
the Judge. Another report says he smiled at
seeing his father in the courtroom and calmly
said “I’m OK, Dad,” “It’s OK.”

Neil Entwistle will face first degree murder
charges in the killing of his wife Rachel, and
baby daughter Lillian. He also faces weapons
charges of illegal possession of a firearm,
and illegal possession of ammunition.

The local DA, Martha Coakley, said
"prosecutors would ask that Entwistle be
held without bail pending trial, which
would likely begin in nine to 12 months."

The authorities in Massachusetts have
speculated that Neil Entwistle had
murdered his family as part of a
murder-suicide, of which, after the
murder, Neil did not commit suicide.

The method of murder was a 22
calibre weapon belonging to Rachel's
Step-father. Neil had access to the
weapon and replaced it after the
murder. A set of keys to their home
was found in his locked rental car at
the airport.

According to the affidavit,
forensic evidence shows Neil
Entwistle’s DNA on the grip
and his wife Rachel's DNA on
the end of the muzzle.

Neil Entwistle however, says that he
found them shot to death just two
hours after he had left the home on
January 20th. Neil said he "did not
call for emergency assistance, instead
he covered them up and got a knife
to kill himself but could not go through
with it."

Neil went on to say that he drove
to Rachel's parent's home to get a gun.
He says that he could not get into the
home. After that he claims to have
driven to the airport and flew to the

Motive(s)? The authorities claim Neil
was massively in debt, some of which
he had not told his wife Rachel about.

Da Coakley stated "He had no money
and really had no assets."

An affidavit states Entwistle was in tens
of thousands of dollars in debt. It
further listed that Neil could not find a job
since his arrival in the U.S. during last year.
Neil Entwistle also had "recently expressed
a dissatisfaction with his sex life."

Entwistle's Lawyer in the U.K. stated
"Entwistle believes he will get a fair trial
on the “very serious” charges against him
and wants to go to Massachusetts as soon
as possible. He is anxious that any delay
could cause his late wife’s family and his
own additional distress.”