Monday, February 06, 2006

Rachel and Lillian Entwistle

In yet another unfolding tragedy, another family
has lost a daughter and grandchild. A second
family has lost their daughter in law and
grandchild, their son being questioned by police.

The husband is currently labeled "a person
of interest."

Neil Entwistle of Nottingham, England, recently
of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is being named
as a person of interest in the deaths of his wife
and baby daughter. Police on both sides of the
pond are careful to say that he's not a suspect,
and is being treated as a potential witness at
this stage of the investigation.

Both Rachel and Lillian were found dead in their
home January 23, 2006, while Neil was later
found to be in the UK at his parent's home.

Neil and Rachel's erstwhile occupation
reportedly being involved in the Internet
pornography industry.

Neil Entwistle, a British citizen, reportedly
had a Web site in England that offers
clients a pornographic Web site set up which
promises to make $6,000 a month profit. But
it appears to be a type of pyramid scheme.
He and his wife both sold services on eBay
under several company names. Numerous
complaints, at least 16, have been lodged
against them. One of their companies offers
people $20,000 to work on the Internet,
apparently selling advertising.

A local news channel unearthed information
showing "fraudulent Internet transactions
between Neil and Rachel Entwistle and
customers of an online auction site.

The Entwistles have sold more than
$1,000 worth of software and adult
business opportunities on eBay during the
past three months.

Several customers said they never
received the products" The state was in
contact with several people who have
recently done business with Neil or Rachel
Entwistle through eBay.

One British customer who failed to receive
software he had purchased from Neil and
Rachel said he eventually received a refund
and an apology.

Their account was closed in early January
after numerous complaints from customers
who claimed that the Entwistle's
"get rich quick" offer was a scam.

One British newspaper suggested
that the Entwistles might have been
victims of a vendetta, citing
threatening e-mails about Rachel
that accused her of being a thieving
liar. Investigators are looking in to
the Internet business run by Neil
and Rachel Entwistle.

The British newspaper The Observer
reported that several unnamed sources
in the department claimed that detectives are
looking at the deaths as a possible execution.

Meanwhile the District Attorney states "They
obviously had rented in a nice neighborhood, a
large house, but only for six months. He was
driving a BMW. They appeared to live a certain
lifestyle. But other than that, we do not have
any indication that at the moment that they
had a financial crisis," "Investigators are calling
him a "person of interest" as any family member
would be at this point in an investigation. "I'm
not going to label anybody a suspect at this point,"
she said.

No one had heard from the Entwistles since
Thursday. Guests showed up on Saturday for a
previously arranged dinner party, no one answered
the door. Rachel's mother called police and asked for
a "well-being check" after she had been unable to
reach Rachel all day.

Police did not find any of the family members.
The bed, which had thick bedding and pillows
appeared in disarray as if it had not been made.

On Sunday Rachel's mother and stepfather and
friends also went through the home and did not
find anyone or anything out of the ordinary. They
filed a missing persons preport with police, who
then returned to the home where they detected
an odor and discovered Rachel and Lillian in the
bed under the thick coverings.

So far, only a rough estimate of when they died
has been released. That being some time between
Thursday, Jan. 19, when she spoke to her parents,
and late Saturday, Jan. 21, when her friends arrived
at her home for a dinner party.

DA's office hasn't released the time when Neil
Entwistle left the country, but have said it was
between late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Police have returned to the US after speaking with
Neil Entwistle at the U.S. Embassy in London.

Neil Entwistle is described as having been a
pain in the arse by a former landlord. He was
uncooperative with the landlord and his wife
while living in a home he rented from them
in the Uk. They wished to have measurements
done prior to renovations being accomplished.

Neil Entwistle refused all entry to the inside of
their home.