Monday, January 23, 2006

For Laci

Sharon chronicled several of the times that Scott
Peterson made statements which led her to believe
that he knew Laci would not be coming home, alive
or dead. It's my belief, and that of others, that
Scott was taunting Sharon. Although she shared
those instances, one can wonder how many more
taunting incidents he engaged in that this frantic
mother and family had to endure.

This inside glimpse into the family during this time
of tragedy highlights even more the bizarre and
inappropriateness of Scott Peterson's behaviour.
Not only Scott's, but also that of his parents. It
appears that a total lack of sensitivity exists
among those three Petersons.

Several incidents before and during the trial
which were reported in the media left many with
a distinctly negative impression. Although Sharon
was charitable towards the Petersons, given the
situation, there were incidents which can leave
one's mouth agape from the utter cluelessness of
those three, Scott, Lee and Jackie.

Scott smiled, laughed and joked, all the while
he and his parents told everyone he was grieving,
not eating, losing weight, having nightmares etc.
Yet Scott is late for dinner because he has to find
the "perfect wine." He prepares Christmas dinner
for his parents and invites a neighbor to share,
wife is missing, and has been since the previous
day. The dinners with family reflect a party
atmosphere. An atmosphere which left Sharon,
Brent, his wife Rose, and others of Laci's family

While everyone in Laci's family is still stunned
by events, Scott looks at Sharon, smiles,
laughs and points to a pair of white chairs and says
"Laci would be mad if she saw those coats piled there. "
Yet he makes no move to hang the coats elsewhere.

Scott told Sharon that he wasn't keeping any of the
papers or articles about Laci's disappearance
because "Laci wouldn't want to see it." His
excuse to the media for trying to sell the home,
"Laci wouldn't want to live here."

Scott told Sharon that "Laci loved her lamps and
they should be in our home when we bring her
home," yet he inquired about selling their home
fully furnished when Laci was gone less than a week.

When Sharon told Scott that if he wanted Laci's
wedding ring she'd picked up from the jewelers she
would go and get them from the bank and give them
to him. Scott "didn't utter a single word." "He never
asked for, or mentioned Laci's wedding rings to me, never."

The afternoon on the day after Christmas, Dec. 26th, Laci
has been missing roughly 2 days. Jackie Peterson greets
Sharon and then takes off her shoe, showing Sharon her foot.
"I had a pedicure" smiling, "I knew Laci would give me a
bad time if I didn't get one." In January, JP callously askes LE
in front of Sharon, "could authorities prosecute a homicide if
they didn't find a body." Lee Peterson wanted to know when
the investigation of Scott would end so they could finally go
home. Despite the frantic search for someone they claimed to
"love" they took off because they "needed a break."Lee &
Jackie Peterson wanted the funds donated by people all over
the world to pay for Scott's mortgage. Funds dedicated and
freely given from people's hearts to help pay expenses to help
find Laci.

Just a small sampling of the insensitivity Laci's family faced
from their then in-laws.

Scott's constant denial of facts even when faced proof of those
facts left many shaking their heads in disbelief. How could
this person deny something so obvious? How could he
"reinvent" himself and portray himself as one thing to
someone and as something/someone else to others.

Easily. Scott Peterson seems to have been doing just that
for his entire life. Layperson or professional diagnoses of
Narcissm, Sociopath or other diagnoses aside, Scott Peterson
is first and foremost a manipulative conman. I surmise
that from an early age he got what he wanted by
manipulation. Without what most of us view as parental
controls and proper guidance, Scott Peterson found that by
lying, or at least lying by omission, he was able to con
and fool people into believing he was something that
inside, he was not. Telling lies seems to been no problem
for Scott and troubled his conscience (if he has one) not.

Many of us are amazed, stunned, even outraged when we
come up against someone who thinks if they deny something
vehemently enough, that it really doesn't exist. We are
disgusted at their reinventions of themselves, manipulation
of others, even angry at ourselves for falling for their patter.
We all would like to think that we are smarter than to be
taken in by someone of that sort.

By coming into contact with them, some of us are perhaps
wiser, albeit in hindsight.

For many, including Laci, that contact with a liar eventually
led to their final contact with anyone. For Sharon and her
family, it led to the loss of a beloved daughter, sister and friend.