Wednesday, January 18, 2006

For Laci - Sharon Rocha

Although I've profiled For Laci in the book discussion area,
it is also appropriate to write about it here. Many of you have
expressed interest in discussing FOR LACI and the revelations
within. This will be one of several entries on the book and you
are most welcome to discuss the book here at CMM if you wish.

Laci's disappearance, and the trial of the person accused
of killing her, consumed a large portion of interest in many
people's daily lives. The families most directly involved, as
did the issue of innocence or guilt evoked strong emotions
and personal opinions.

Whether one thought Scott Peterson was innocent or guilty,
the fact remains that Laci Rocha Peterson and her unborn son
did not deserve to die. No murder victim deserves to have their
life ripped away on the whim of someone else.

Killing someone during war or in self defense of your life, in
defense of your loved ones, or in the course of law enforcement
duty are separate issues.

MURDER, the unlawful taking of someone else's life for
monetary gain, for revenge, freedom from marital ties, or
because one likes to kill, or for whatever petty reason, is
abominable to most people. It's unfathomable to many why
someone would kill for those reasons or for no reason.

It's unfathomable to understand why someone would lie
continuously, repeatedly, and in such a fashion that makes
us wonder why the lies? Why the need to tell lies?

It's unfathomable to many to think that their friend, family
member or neighbor could be capable of such a heinous act
as murder.

Sharon Rocha, in FOR LACI, exemplifies that statement. Sharon
wrote that the Scott Peterson we knew before December 22, was
not the same Scott Peterson after." The Scott from before
"was thoughtful, a loving and considerate person." The Scott from
after "wasn't the one she'd known for 8 years."

"We never wanted to believe Scott had anything to do with Laci's
disappearance. Why would we? That would only bring more pain
and heartache." "I tried to rationalize those doubts away."

Sharon stated that not only did they lose Laci, their beloved
daughter, and a much wanted grandson, but they also lost
their son in law.

"I'm surprised when I look back at how hard I tried to deny
that he could be responsible for Laci's disappearance.
But if Scott was involved, there was only one conclusion: Laci
wasn't coming home alive, and I couldn't allow myself to go there. "

Until it became clear to Sharon that Scott was responsible for her
daughter's disappearance and death, she would say 'the Scott we
know would never harm Laci. "

Yet in reality, they didn't know him as well as they'd thought.
Laci and Scott's friends didn't know Scott as well as they had

When Sharon saw Scott at the arraignment, she thought of the
tragic waste, of lives. "How could it have possibly happened that
my daughter was murdered and I was listening to a D.A. and a
detective talk about my son in law receiving the death penalty. "

In FOR LACI, Sharon discusses the lies that Scott told not only
her, but also the lies he told her family and Law Enforcment.

Whether it's murder, theft, or lies, we all find ourselves in disbelief
that anyone we are close to, acquainted with would intentionally
lie to us. Like Sharon, we would prefer to believe that we are mistaken
and rationalize their behaviour away. We choose to look at events
in the light of what we continue to wish reality is, rather than the
reality that IS.