Wednesday, September 02, 2009


There is nothing honorable about these low lifes.

Scammers who go after the elderly, the vulnerable, and in particular
military families who have a loved one serving in a volatile area of
the world are among the most despicable of human beings.

An elderly grandmother from Maine received a phone call purportedly
from her grandson who's serving in Afghanistan requesting money....
only she trusted her gut instincts. She knew it wasn't her grandson.

At that point the scammer became viciously ugly in threatening the
life of her grandson if she didn't cough up the amount of money he

Grandma played it smart and took notes on the evil scam artist and
promptly notified Police and the Pentagon. Then she notified the media.

Bette Anne Cushman "I'm taking my story public in an effort to warn other
military families. I'm not trying to get notoriety. I just want people to know
it's happening so if they get a phone call, they'll hang up."

"I just could not believe the cruelty. They seem to tend more to the elderly,
the older people because, I'm thinking, why didn't they call his mother?"

For the full story: Scammer demands $3k
Scammer demands ransom

This isn't the first, nor the last time scammers will target a relative of military
service members. So beware, if the phone call doesn't sound right to you,
or it is upsetting and you're being told a loved one is dead, captured and/or
requires a ransom for their safety, notify your local authorities and the
Pentagon. Have them sort things out. Help put these creeps out of business.