Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Holly Maddux was yet another woman who decided that living with Ira Einhorn
and his bullying, his lies and his abuse was not acceptable. She left Ira Einhorn
and that, to Ira, was a betrayal. He lured her back for her belongings and beat
her to death.

Helen "Holly" Maddux's family at last achieved what they set out to do. Bring
Ira Einhorn, the so-called "Unicorn" to face his crimes in front of a jury. They
were able to lay Holly to rest not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

After her disappearance they had fought to find out what happened to her.
When Holly was found, mummified inside Ira Einhorn's steamer trunk,inside
a closet in Einhorn's apartment, they laid her to rest in her home state of Texas.
Then they turned their attention to tracking down her killer who had fled from
justice. Once he was extradited they attended the trial to see Einhorn convicted
for Holly's murder.

"One of the best things about the verdict is that we can separate Holly from Ira
now, in a sense that Holly is where she belongs and Ira is damn well where he
belongs. It was a long time coming."


Self-professed guru, peacenik, lover, writer and brilliant
mind. Instead, Ira Einhorn was, and is, nothing more than a fraud, a liar, a conman,
thug, murderer and criminal.

The look in his eyes in his mugshots exudes the stunned disbelief that he, of all
people, would be arrested, treated in such a manner. Because Ira Einhorn for so
long believed
he was above the law, untouchable.

Testimony in court had been devastating.

Two former girlfriends Einhorn had assaulted in 1962 were hospitalized.
They'd tried to break up with Einhorn.
He'd strangled one leaving her bruised, unconscious, but alive.
The other, Einhorn had smashed a coke bottle over the back of her head,
breaking the bottle, leaving her cut, bleeding and unconscious.

Two young girls barely out of High School Einhorn tried to involve in his crime,
to make them accessories after the fact by trying to get them to dispose of the
steamer trunk containing the body of Holly Maddux.

George Keegan: "We were walking down the street together. People who
once would come up and hug Ira crossed the street and averted their eyes...
He looked at me, sad, and said, "I'm not going to be able to be Ira
Einhorn now." And I realized he was a selfish, arrogant bastard."

Einhorn abused people's trust, and he lived off their money while on the run
from the law. He conned those around him into thinking he was bigger than life,
and into thinking he was, what he was not.

He's a liar because he claims to be the founder of Earth Day. He was not. Move
over Al Gore - Ira Einhorn claims he "invented the internet" before there was

The fraudulent myth that Ira Einhorn created Earth Day.

Earth Day Founders

Repudiating the myth to NBC who created the Unicorn Series

Shines a whole new light on this photo. An opportunist who grabbed the
microphone and rambled for 30 minutes; who was not asked to speak,
merely to introduce a poet he knew personally. An opportunist and fraud who
perpetuated a fraudulent myth that he, the "unicorn" had invented earth day.
He's never been a "unicorn." All he has ever been is the antithesis of what the
60s peace and love movement was about.