Tuesday, January 27, 2009


UPDATE: Late breaking news. Baez filed another motion late this afternoon
Jan. 27, 2009) He is asking that the Prosecutors be booted off the trial.
Failing that, he wants them on the stand to answer some questions.
Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, has filed another motion today in court.
Apparently Casey Anthony, or Baez object to Casey being made to attend
pretrial discovery hearings.

Seems Casey, or Baez, (or both) also object to news media commenting upon
her physical appearance when she's made to be in court. Baez believes those
reports generate "unsubstantiated" rumors about her physical condition.

Baez attached the text of an Orlando Sentinel article, which he uses to claim that
the media reports "erode her due process rights, her right to a fair trial, and her
ability to seat a fair and impartial jury in the future" by making her be present at
all the court hearings.

Based on her appearance??

Say what you will, but commenting upon a pig's appearance or apparel
doesn't change the fact that the pig is a pig.

Which comment in the article sent them around the bend?

Was it that the article commented upon the fact that Casey Anthony "sported a
dark blue jail issued jump suit?" The "jail issued flip flops?" Or was it that "her
wrists were shackled as were her ankles?

Or did it have nothing to do with the media article at all?

Comments about Casey Anthony's "physical appearance" were made in certain
true crime forums following the case. Some had speculated that she was "pregnant"
and hoped it wasn't true. A majority agreed that she'd merely gained some weight
from consuming junk food (from the jail commissary that she's entitled to purchase)
and sitting on her ass.

So is Baez using the Orlando Sentinel as a scapegoat for what's really being said on
the web? Or is this a runup to a motion trying to keep cameras out of the courtroom?

Jose Baez should concentrate on the more important matters at hand dealing
with the upcoming murder trial instead of wasting the court's time and resources
over something so frigging ridiculous as someone commenting on his client's
appearance. Perhaps he should "teach" his students "how not to waste a court's
time and alienate the judge... or the taxpayers.