Sunday, December 28, 2008


SUSAN LUCILLE WRIGHT, at trial and in prison. For a
more current image of Wright view the video reports
from October 2008 at Click2Houston.

Susan Wright, age 32, is incarcerated at Hobby Prison Facility
at Marlin, Texas. She is currently serving a sentence of 25 years
for the brutal murder of Jeff Wright, aged 34. She must serve
12.5 of those years before becoming eligible for parole.

2029- 02-26 Projected Release Date

2016-08-27 Parole Eligibility Date

2003 - January 13 - Wright, aged 27, lured her husband Jeff Wright
to a romantic evening in their bedroom. She tied him to the bedpost,
stabbed him in the eyeball, in the mouth. in the ear, and knicked his
penis. The Medical Examiner later testified that he had been cut from
head to toe in a total of over 200 times, 46 of which were in his chest,
and the tip of a knife was found buried in his skull.

During the stabbing frenzy, their young son came to the
bedroom door because of the commotion. Susan Wright
returned the child to his room, reassuring him that
everything was fine. After the brief respite, she returned
to the bedroom and began again stabbing Jeff Wright
over and over again.

The ME testified that each of the injuries inflicted would not have by
themselves caused death instantly. Nor was there indication that Jeff
had lost consciousness during the ordeal, thus he would have suffered
a slow, lingering death.

Wright attempted to cover up her bloody deed.

Wright dragged and buried Jeff Wright's body in the backyard in a
hole prepared for a garden fountain. She drove to the store,
purchased bleach and paint, and returned to clean up the room and
paint the walls. Yet there was blood seen by LE through out the

Wright removed a part of the carpeting, the bed frame, and the
mattress and placed them into the back yard. Later she obtained
more potting soil and placed it over the body.

Wright removed the outgoing message with his voice from the
answering machine and proceeded to clean out their joint bank

2003 - January 15 - TWO DAYS AFTER THE MURDER
Wright lied to police. She filed and pressed charges against Jeff
Wright for abuse against herself and their two children. Law
Enforcement at that time had no reason to doubt her claims.
A warrant for arrest was issued however, LE was unable to
ascertain from Wright where Jeff Wright was located or had
gone, where he worked or any other contact information.

She told her family that Jeff had been angry after
he'd beaten her and had taken off and left.

Wright's family found out about their son and brother's
death via news on the internet.

When it was apparent that things weren't going to go quite her way,
Wright confessed to her mother. "It happened in the bedroom
and the kids were in bed." "Mama, it wasn't me. I snapped.
I was up there and I saw somebody do it, but it wasn't me."

FIVE DAYS after the murder.

Wright was promptly bundled off into a mental health facilty and
and attorney engaged.

2003 - January 16 - Jeff Wright was fired from his job when he
hadn't shown up for work for three days straight.

2003 - January 18 - Susan Wright's attorney contacted the DA's
office and provided them with the Wright's address and the fact
that a body could be found and where.

Law Enforcement discovered that the family dog had partially
uncovered Jeff Wright's body.

2003- January 20 - Jeff Wright's employer was informed of
Jeff's death.

Susan Wright's defense was that she had been an abused wife for
years, that she was defending herself and their son from Jeff Wright
who had hit their son and then beat and raped her." Her attorney
claimed that she was "fragile" and "suffering from severe
psychological problems for which she was under psychiatric care."

2003- January 24 - Susan Wright turned herself in and was arrested.
She did not cooperate with LE in the investigation.

2003 - April - Susan Wright pleads Not Guilty. She posted
$30,000 bond and went back to work.

2004 - February - Trial commences. The Prosecution believes
Wright murdered for $200,000 in life insurance. The actual bed
Jeff Wright was killed on was used in a re-enactment.

Court Videos

2004 - March 4 - Jurors convict Susan Wright of murder. They
did not believe her claims, nor the special circumstance of
"sudden passion."

2004 - March - Wright receives a court appointed attorney.

2004 - September - New attorney's file brief to take over Wright's

2005 - October 7 - 14th Court of Appeals allows new attorneys
to take over Susan Wright's appeal.

2005 - November 4 - Susan Wright files a new appeal

2005 - November 17 - 14th Court of Appeals upholds verdict.

2008 - October 3 - Susan Wright files motion for a new trial
and sentencing.

Her motion is based on her claims that her previous trial attorneys
were "allegedly deficient by not calling key witnesses during her
murder trial. Wright and her new attorney, Brian Wice, said her
original attorneys "should have called Jeffrey Wright's previous
fiancée, who claimed he also abused her for two years. " Wice also
argued that "a psychologist and a battered woman expert should
have testified for the defense."

Susan Wright's prison penpal profile states that she is
a "single widow."

Wright's use of "single widow" is merely a euphemism,
used in place of "murderess" and is just another lie used
to manipulate.

"Sassy Southern belle seeks long term friendship.
Don't let the petite, curvy frame fool you, I am
self-sufficient, confidant and I love a challenge.

My crystal blue eyes and light brown, silky hair add
to my classic beauty. A true romantic at heart, I am
loyal, tender
, compassionate, a great listener and
easy to be around.

I love beaches, museums, movies, music, books,
dancing, cooking and gardening. I am equally at home
in heels and a slinky dress as I am in shorts in the
back yard.

I believe life should be lived to the fullest. I try
to laugh as much and as long as I can each day. I am
looking for a positive, out going, easy spirit to share
good times with; someone who loves to laugh and is
looking for an adventure.

I like to learn and experience new horizons and I
am a nature lover and enjoy things that challenge my
mind as much as I appreciate the peace and relaxation
of simplicity.

I value honesty, an open mind, a determined will and
those who are self-assured, intelligent and unafraid
to take chances.

Nothing in this world is without some degree of risk but
with great risk comes great reward. Are you willing to
take the risk and get to know me?

I'll be waiting.

A book was written about the case titled "A Wife's Revenge"
by Eric Francis.