Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reality check for Cindy Anthony

Cindy Anthony is facing a reality no parent wishes to
contemplate - that their child could be, and likely is,
a killer.

I have sympathy for both George and Cindy Anthony
for the loss of Caylee, and for being placed into
the position they are in because of Casey's actions.

But George, as is shown by the FBI tapes released,
is well aware of the reality that his precious grand-
daughter is gone and that his daughter has done
something despicable, unthinkable.

Yet to save his marriage, (and perhaps the mental
well being of his wife) he goes along with the charade
being put forth by Cindy that the combined team of law
enforcement and FBI investigators are incorrect,
the science flawed, and she knows beyond a shadow
of a doubt that she's right about everything.
Regardless of what his reasoning is, he should step
up to the plate and stop the charade.

It's past time Cindy Anthony faces up to reality. Each
time she claims a child could be, or is, Caylee in photos
taken at malls or elsewhere, she's subjecting that child
and their family to her false version of reality. She's
putting those parents under the onus of having to prove
that their child is their child, exposing that child to
unwarranted public scrutiny.

She's no different than her daughter Casey Anthony
in her claims that a Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez was
the one who took her child. In doing that Casey
subjected a very real person to the scorn, disgust and
even hatred of total strangers.

Cindy is doing the same to those unsuspecting families
who become caught up in the madness that has been
surrounding, and indeed is at the heart of this case.

A madness that is not mental illness, nor insanity,
but stems from a core of self centeredness.