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LIYSA NORTHON, age 46, is currently incarcerated at the
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility at Wilsonville, Oregon for
the drugging & shooting murder of her husband Christopher
James "Chris" Northon. She was sentenced to 12 1/2 years
and will serve a minimum of 10 years and will be credited
for about 9 months already served.
Parole Eligibility date: 2011

1996 - March - Chris Northon, airline pilot, married Liysa King,
a writer and artist. The last two years of the marriage Liysa began
telling anyone who would listen that she was the victim of verbal
and physical spousal abuse, that her husband drank and smoked
pot constantly, becoming violent. That he had threatened to kill
her if she left and took their young son. Northon had made
reports of domestic abuse with police but no charges were ever
filed against Chris Northon.

2000 -October 9 - Liysa Northon left her 8 year old son at a
friend's home in Washington state and with their 3 year old son
accompanied Chris Northon on a camping trip to a remote
campground. (While reportedly deathly afraid of him)

Chris Northon was later found to have large levels of sedative in
his body as well as a gun shot to the head. His body is stripped of
clothing and located in a sleeping bag which covers his face.

After the shooting Northon drove herself and her son 4 hours
across state lines to the friend's home in Washington where she
telephones Oregon police to tip them off to find Chris' body. Liysa
informed the authorities that her husband had become
drunk & violent and threatened their young son and
tried to drown her. Liysa told police "I blindly fired a
shot at Chris to scare him."

The Police investigation disputed Northon's claims and she was
charged with murder.

In a twist of irony, the same correctional facility for women that
Northon is incarcerated in had its ground-breaking ceremony in
April of 2000.

2001 -July - Liysa Northon at first pled Not Guilty at trial but
when her computer and emails were brought into evidence she
pled an Alford Plea. Northon, age 39, was duly convicted to
first degree manslaughter and 12 1/2 years and transported to

2002 -December - PLEA FOR CLEMENCY - Northon filed
a plea for clemency claiming that she was a battered wife; that
she was coerced into the guilty plea; and that Chris Northon had
repeatedly threatened to kill her if she left with their son.
(Northon also claims on her blogsite that her attorney of record
"misappropriated $30,000 & did not hire experts & filed a false
affidavit with the court to discredit her & cover his own actions.)
The Governor declined to grant her plea for pardon.

After her arrest both of the two boys, one from a previous marriage,
and Chris Northon's son, have been cared for by a former husband,
Donald King, who lives in Hawaii.

In prison Northon is employed as a recreation clerk, has worked on
children's stories and taught yoga and nutrional education to fellow

2003 - September - WRONGFUL DEATH -The estate of Chris
Northon sues Liysa Northon for $7.5 million. $5 million for the economic
loss suffered by theestate; $1 million in economic damages specifically for
loss of Chris Northon's services; $1.5 million in noneconomic was claimed
for the disability, pain and suffering Chris suffered between the period
between the time he was injured and when he died, and for the loss to
his beneficiaries of his society and companionship. This is being filed on
behalf of the beneficiary of the estate, Chris' son Dane. Attorney Gary R.
Johnson stated "We are trying to preclude her from ever being
able to benefit from Chris Northon' s death.

Liysa Northon filed a complaint in Multnomah County Circuit Court,
Oregon. Northon claims Author Ann Rule's book "Heart Full of Lies"
damaged her reputation because she has always claimed "that she
was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Chris Northon
and that she acted to protect herself and her children.

"The suit also names the prosecutor Daniel Ousley, claiming Ousley
falsely told Rule "there was no evidence Chris Northon used drugs
or was abusive to his wife."

The suit was dismissed.


2004 - February 27 - Northon appealed the dismissal & Rule's
attorneys moved for attorney's fees.
Attorney fees awarded.

Cases affirmed without opinion

Liysa Northon has also sued: the Northons and her former
brother-in-law, as well as the State of Oregon.

The Oregon legislature passed into law a "Liysa Northon bill"
that forbids convicted killers not only from benefiting financially
from their victims' estates, but from the descendants of victims,
a law designed to protect Chris Northon's son Bjorn when he
comes into the large estate from Chris Northon when he is in his

2006 - May 22 -
Referred to Discipline Credible Evidence

2007 - May 30 -Court of Appeals SLIP Opinions Cases Affirmed
Writ of Habeas Corpus (State) Petitioner: Liysa Ann King Northon
vs Respondent: Nancy Howton.
Nancy Howton was named the superintendent of Coffee Creek
in November 2007.

2008 - A blog maintained on Liysa Northon's behalf, which
contains her writings and opinions & where she continues to
rail against Ann Rule, and presents her claims. The very same
claims she's presented in court and lost.

In prison and on the blog Northon continues to profess her
claims of having shot Chris Northon out of innocence and fears
stemming from her years of abuse. Prosecutor Ousley has stated
that no evidence of Chris Northon using drugs or abusing Liysa
Northon has ever existed.

For articles on the case from the time of arrest and onwards:
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It's quite possible Northon could be turned down on her parole
application and would have to serve the remainder of her sentence,
because she continues to profess that she was a battered victim and
refuses to accept full culpability for the crime.

The Oregon Parole Board rarely grants such parole requests.
Author Ann Rule's book about the case is "Heart Full of Lies."
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