Thursday, October 02, 2008

Infamous Murderers - Scott Peterson



Currently on Death Row in San Quentin, California for the murders of
his wife Laci Rocha Peterson and their unborn son Connor. Peterson's
appeals process is just beginning and an automatic appeal will be
presented to the California Supreme Court. He is seeking to have his
conviction overturned.

Sharon Rocha filed a survival action lawsuit against Peterson and was
appointed the administrator of Laci Peterson's estate.
December 2003 CIVIL SUIT:
Sharon Rocha and Dennis Rocha filed a wrongful death lawsuit against
Scott Peterson. Judge Roger Beauchesne ruled that even though Peterson
was found guilty in a criminal trial they will have to again prove his guilt in
the civil trial. The verdict in this civil lawsuit will have NO effect on his
appeals and will not serve to "set him free" or give him a new trial.

The Rocha's have filed for an undisclosed amount and their attorney have
stated that Peterson can settle by admitting his guilt and agreeing to a
payment of 10 million. The Rochas state that the lawsuit is largely symbolic.
They are hoping to ensure that Peterson never sells his story or profits from
it. It's unlikely Peterson will admit his guilt since he's hoping to overturn his
sentence and get out of prison, specifically, off of Death Row.

Peterson was deposed in a videotaped deposition July 12, 2006. He
"took the Fifth," his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination
at the beginning of the deposition and for another 195 times during the

Correction: As of July 2008 the civil lawsuit court date had been
pushed back. It is now slated for May 27, 2009. (Modesto Bee)

"This civil trial will most likely occur the beginning of next year"
"I truly wish that there was no civil suit, but since there is, I am going to
defend myself. The emotional state that I was in after my family
was abducted and the completely broken state that I was in
once they were found, resulted in me not standing up as I should have.
This case is important, not because of any financial effect, as I am already
deeply in debt, but it is important because my desire and that of my family
is to use any opportunity in a court of law to show my innocence.