Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casey Anthony Protesters escalate

Some of the protesters at the Anthony house apparently have formed into
a group complete with a sign, bumper stickers, and logos. They reportedly
call themselves "Justice for Caylee."

Protester Kathy Harris was previously interviewed and asked why she was
protesting at the Anthony's home. Her response was that she is a big child
advocate and that she "was there for Caylee." She reportedly is now a part
of this group.

This same Kathy Harris left the Anthony home where the protests take place,
(where they are presumably protesting against Casey Anthony), and followed
George Anthony to another location where she accosted him. Police were called
in by Anthony when the verbal exchange became ugly.

Protesting outside the home is one thing. Following the person in order to
engage in or provoke a verbal confrontation is harassment. Whatever motive
she might feel she has to "be there for Caylee" her rights stop where
George Anthony's begins. Her actions in following Anthony in order to confront
him also doesn't reflect well on her motives. Instead she's no longer protesting,
but immersing herself into a role in which she has no authority.

In addition, several other protesters are facing charges for their less than stellar
actions while outside the Anthony home.

It's a short leap from protester to stalker or harasser and IMO these people have
willingly embraced the leap.