Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casey Anthony Case headed for Grand Jury

It's a development that must have brought a sigh of relief to Casey Anthony's
lawyer Jose Baez. Preparing for a trial on financial and fraud charges for his
client, while knowing that a much more serious charge was just around the
corner must have been a little like tip toeing around an alligator waiting to

It's been reported that the grand jury will be meeting on this coming week,
and that members of her family and law enforcement will be called to testify.
Further, that the purpose of presenting this case to the grand jury is to seek
homicide charges.

If ever Casey Anthony had wished to claim that Caylee's disappearance and
probable death was the result of an accident, that time is long gone. If it had
been so, one would think that her parents and sibling and attorney would
have been proclaiming it to the skies prior. Since the main story seems to
be that Casey is keeping silent is for the child's safety, and that Caylee isn't
deceased, upcoming revelations in a future trial are likely to be that much
more shocking.

Homicide. Deliberate? Pre-meditated? Intentional? Those are questions
that won't be answered until a trial but the mere fact that the DA is
seeking that charge hints that the authorities may have more compelling
evidence than what we've all been privy to.

Casey Anthony's days as a free bird are quite likely becoming very limited...
and counting down.