Monday, September 29, 2008

Infamous Murderers -Susan Atkins Whitehouse


Susan Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz aka Sexy Sadie, Donna Kay Powell,
Sharon King aka Susan Whitehouse.

Atkins was convicted and sentenced to death. The sentence was later
converted to life in prison and she has been incarcerated in Frontera,
California at the California Institute for Women.

Two of her fellow inmates are Patricia Krenwinkle and Leslie Van Houten.
Krenwinkle was also present at the murders and Van Houten and Krenwinkle
were at the LaBianca murders the next night. Both inmates and fellow
Manson family members had in the beginning shunned Atkins for "snitching"
on Manson and the others for their roles in the murders, resulting in their

Convicted for her active participation in the murder in 1969 of Gary
Hinman (helping to smother Hinman with a pillow after he'd been stabbed
twice.) Convicted for her active role in the multiple murders in 1969 at
Cielo Drive, Los Angeles subsequently known as the "Manson murders."

Susan Atkins stabbed Wojciech Frykowski 4 times in the legs and helped
stab and kill Sharon Tate Polanski and her unborn child Paul Richard. Atkins
was present at the scene during the murders of Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger
and Steven Parent.

Atkins bragged of tasting Tate's blood and using it to write the word "PIG"
on the door to the home. She also bragged about Sharon Tate's pleading for
her life and of taunting her, telling Tate that she had no mercy for her. Sharon
Tate was stabbed and bludgeoned to death. Atkins claimed she thought about
cutting out the child from her stomach. Yet later Atkins has claimed that
she never did any of that. Atkins and Krenwinkle tied up their victims.
Later, Atkins and Krenwinkel complained that their hands hurt from using the
knives on their victims so many times. Atkins said that her head hurt because
Frykowski had pulled her hair while she was stabbing him. Manson asked:
"Do you feel any remorse?" Atkins answered: "No."

2003 Atkins sued then Governor Gray Davis of California and claimed
political prisoner status.

June 2005 Atkins was denied parole and became ineligible for parole until

2008 Atkins filed for compassionate release based on her medical
condition. Atkins is reportedly suffering from terminal brain cancer with 6 or
less months to live, has had one leg amputated, another paralyzed and can
barely speak, sit up in bed, feed herself or care for herself. She is currently
assigned to a hospital outside of the prison.

Atkins, 60, is said not to be a good candidate for compassionate release
because she had “failed to demonstrate genuine remorse and lacks insight
and understanding of the gravity of her crimes.

The request for compassionate release was denied.
Next parole hearing is June 2009 if she lives that long.
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