Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jane Alexander & Citizens Against Homicide

He was the person he portrayed himself as to the local community. Charming, debonair, friendly, helpful, full of bonhomie and stories about his past life of being a diamond smuggler. He was also he claimed, heir to a Swiss trust fund.

Tom O'Donnell inveigled his way into Jane Alexander's heart after the death of her husband. She'd already known him because he was one of their social set, and a friend of her husband, a banker, for decades.

Jane Alexander became one of his many, many victims. On an interview Jane said she asked herself how she could be so stupid? Jane wasn't stupid. She was trusting. Jane responded
to someone who showered her with attention and supposedly, with love. Why shouldn't she? He'd been trustworthy for decades.

Jane had a beloved Aunt, 88 years old, wealthy, and O'Donnell wanted her money. Tom O'Donnell murdered Jane's Aunt to gain access to the money via Jane's generosity and trusting
nature. He already controlled her finances. Anything he borrowed, he could pay back from his trust fund. Or so he told everyone.

As LE closed in Tom O'Donnell for the murder of Jane's Aunt, O'Donnell did a bunk....on the lam. But only after embezzling money from other friends accounts in the community, wiping out Jane Alexander's comfortable nest egg for herself and her children and grandchildren.

Although faced with the evidence of his deeds, Jane couldn't believe Tom would do such a thing. He even left her a letter saying that the bad guys from his days in diamond smuggling
were after him, and would hurt her if he stayed.

Only later, when Jane received another missive from Tom, that her eyes were opened wide to his perfidy. Then Jane got mad. It took her a long time, but she did it.

Jane, an elderly grandmother, who not only had to go to work for the first time in her life, began to research and become active in tracking down Tom O'Donnell. Her goal was to put him in jail for his misdeeds, and more importantly, for the murder of her beloved Aunt. Because of Jane's actions, the woman Tom O'Donnell was grooming as his next victim, got lucky.

Jane Alexander has been a member of Citizens Against Homicide for a number of years. She's helped others negotiate the red tape with LE, or to engage publicity to help achieve justice for their
loved ones.

If you are interested in learning more you can check out both Citizens Against Homicide and Jane Alexander's book on