Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Neil Entwistle's Internet Easy money schemes

5 months before Neil Entwistle married
Rachel Souza, he was already into
cyber porn entrepreneurship.

Neil Entwistle's computers and Internet
Records show that Entwistle, in 2003,
had set up a company called
SR Publications. He was the
registered as the owner since

It promised "free UK sex"
and a "Discrete" (sic) network of "sex
contacts, free membership
and free 7 day access to a triple X
site with movies and pictures.

The site later became his company's
web site to sell his "flagship” product.

That being "the “Big Penis Manual.”

Promises of "an all-natural way for men
to enlarge their penises through “exercises
that can be done privately at home” —
without pills, pumps or surgery." Links
for Get Rich Quick schemes, Crime,
UFO'S were available where people
could purchase e-books and cd's.

In another search for easy money,
Neil Entwistle boasted that
he had "discovered the magic bullet"
in the world of Internet Spamming.",
Entwistle's spam site pitch " It didn't
take ANY money to get it started,
just some time on a computer hooked
up to the Internet. My juices were flowing
now! I had discovered THE magic bullet ...
THE free business ... THE income
Entwistle used srpublications
as the registration or name for
several businesses, including
selling software and services
on e-Bay.
Steve Huff, a blogger who is
following the case and has articles
published on CTV, is convinced
that Neil Entwistle was using a
fake name. On several of the
registrations of the web site,
a Mark Smith is listed.

" Huff said he is convinced it is a fake
name because Smith lists the same
home address as Entwistle."