Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Entwistle Arraigned - Entwistle's Attorney - Dismiss the charges.

Neil Entwistle's arrival in the U.S. this time was
nothing like his previous arrival. He was flown
into Hanscom Air Force Base as an accused
murderer. He certainly was wearing different
accessories this time. Handcuffs, leg shackles
and a bullet proof vest, whisked away by
law enforcement escort.

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

Neil Entwistle was arraigned today. He was formally
charged on two (2) counts of first-degree murder,
and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.
Entwistle pled Not Guilty to the charges.

Entwistle is being held without bail until a probable
cause hearing to be held on March 15, 2006.

Entwistle was held at the town jail until his
arraignment. His temporary home until
trial will likely be a Middlesex facility.
Local jail officials said that it's standard
procedure to check the cells every 20
minutes to check on occupants as a
safety precaution. Entwistle is not on
a suicide watch.

Neil Entwistle was led into the building
wearing shackles and bulletproof vest,
and kept his head bowed.

Although some reports said that Entwistle
kept his head bowed through out the hearing,
pictures show him with his head up, listening,
and once, with his head straight but eyes
turned to the left sideways, looking askance
at the prosecutor who was talking.

Rachel Entwistle was represented by
her mother, stepfather, and more than
a dozen family relatives and friends.
They filled the first 3 rows of seating.
The women family members carried
bouquets of pink roses and day lillies,
each tied with long white ribbons.

The relatives had arrived with state police

Priscilla Matterazzo, Rachel's mother, Lillian's
grandmother, kept her eyes fixed on Neil
Entwistle the entire 4 minute hearing.

Entwistle's attorney wants the murder charges