Thursday, December 22, 2005

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Blogger claims other blogs are imitating her bog & usurping her traditions!



Pfft.Yobbo, just what part of expressing

contempt or ridicule; "derisive laughter";

"a jeering crowd" don't you understand?

QUOTE: "What is both infuriating and bizarre
is the mutts' constant imitation of me and this
site. They have ripped off my expressions (for
example, something-us interruptus), our
traditions (the JFTs, our running jokes, the
elipses, the dotz, the 'etta' spoofs, the song
parodies, you name it), and yet they insist
that I am boring, I am a liar, I am a crummy
writer, I am a psycho, etc. Now think about
that for a minute. How could you despise
someone as much as the mutts claim to
despise me, and yet imitate me, usurp my
traditions, attempt to duplicate what I have
done online with this site, attract a community
of some kind (even if malignant), and constantly
mirror my work, my expressions, etc. ?

Posted by: loretta at December
20, 2005 02:14 PM" UNQUOTE

Ripped off your expressions?
TWO WORDS. Free speech.

Running jokes? Buhler? Anyone?

MOCKING your use of them.

The elipses? ... Elipses are
used in
many statements across the world
every day. They're NOT solely reserved
for use by yobbo boghole incorporated.

Dots? Dot Dot Dot. MOCKING yobbo's use

of them.

Song Parodies. Oh, do forgive everyone

on the net your bogness, for daring to
tread into song parody where only
yobbo's august feet should trod.

The etta's? MOCKING yobbo's use of them.

They fit so well behind yobbo's name or nics.

bogetta. lowdontgetta. Nice ring to that.

JFT's? Just for Today's aren't yobbo's

exclusive province.

(EXTREME SARCASM) How dare anyone set
up a blog without yobbo's say so.

Actually, yobbo tells others to "get their own
blogs." When they do yobbo takes credit for
the blogs being created. We see now that yobbo
considers it imitating HER when a blog is
opened for the enjoyment of the person
operating it, for those they invite, and for
others who find their way to the blog and

What a massive, inflated ego yobbo is toting

For your inflated ego's information, yobbo,

As for yobbo's hinky meter. It's skewed.
Broken. Pats isn't Edina. Edina isn't Pats.
We're separate people. Pffft.