Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stupid Criminals

Why is it that criminals think they are so much smarter
than police or the rest of us?

Joanna Hayes
Hayes was just convicted of murdering her
daughter in law Heather Allen Strube in front
of Heather's baby boy, Joanna's grandson.

Joanna Hayes has a habit of obtaining weapons from
people at construction sites and of pointing them at
people, such as her then husband, usually point blank
at their forehead.

She shoots Heather Allen Strube in a Target parking
lot in front of witnesses. Yes, she was in disguise,
supposedly to make it look like a man had done the

But long before she killed Heather, she'd told a co-
worker how she would plan a "perfect murder" and
then proceeds to use elements of that same plan
months later!

She's been convicted and sentenced to a long
stretch. She'll be eligible for parole only when she's
77 years old, and even then might not obtain parole.

David Gabriel "Gabe" Watson

Watson insisted upon diving lessons for a less than
enthusiastic fiance.

He insisted upon Christina "Tina" (Thomas) Watson
"increasing her life insurance with himself as the
beneficiary. Witnesses remember these things!
Especially when one files for the insurance
immediately after the death of the insured!

He arranges a honeymoon dive in Australia, in
which Tina dies. Watson rushes topside to "get help"
which witnesses and experts say he didn't do.

Although Australia put him in prison on lesser
charges, he's now facing murder charges in Alabama.
The fact that Watson is believed to have planned the
murder in the U.S. before the actual deed is why he's
going to be tried.

Casey Anthony.
Many can't believe, and are appalled, that a mother
who professes to love their child would wait 31 days
and party hearty before reporting their young
child missing, no matter the dysfunctional family
dynamics. Report it to police, a trusted friend,
neighbor, someone!

Casey Anthony was convicted on the check charges.
Didn't she think about the surveillance videos in
the banks and stores? Or that her friend might
not be pleased and press charges once she's found
her bank account wiped out?

Abandoning (& murdering) your child is a crime and
Casey Anthony knew it! So she thought up on the fly,
a stupid SODDI (Some other dude did it) excuse.
In this case, the "Zanny nanny" did it.

Anthony's "I was searching, doing my own investigation"
explanation is beyond ludicrious. And while in jail waiting
trial she floated the "abuse" excuse, pointing her grubby
fingers vaguely at her brother and father.

Now in court, the defense has indicated that's the plot
they're going to follow, that she perhaps harmed Caylee
because of past abuse - while there are no indications
(according to George & Cindy's attorney) of allegations
of abuse in her diaries.

There are other family members, friends and other
witnesses that are quite likely going to be able to
testify that Casey Anthony wasn't abused.

A look at the video from jail in which she berates
her parents speaks volumes about the dynamics
of those relationships.

Christopher Coleman - murdered his wife and two
sons, Sheri, Gavin and Garret in their beds. This cretin
planned their murders ahead of time, sending violent
emails, painting obscene and threatening messages on
the walls as evidence, and then setting up his alibi.
To sweeten the plot, he phones his neighbor, a police
officer, in order to show off his innocence.

Between today's forensics, police investigations and
other techniques, as well as Coleman's own background
from previous employment, he should have known he'd
be caught and that the evidence pointed right back at

Now convicted & sentenced to life without any possibility
of parole - he's escaped the death penalty only because
the change in the law in Illinois in the last few months.

All of these perps, thought/think that they were/are
more intelligent than the rest of us, yet their own plans
came to nought - because they aren't.