Wednesday, June 23, 2010


UPDATE: 2010 - June 19, 2010

Bobbi Finley is in the pokey! She stiffed a restaurant
in New Orleans and authorities promptly clapped the
cuffs on her. She was extradited to Alabama to face
charges there...hopefully the first of many courtrooms
she'll see the inside of for the next few years.

UPDATE: 2010 - September -Serial Bigamist
Bobbi Finley's victims were on ABC's 20/20 this Friday,
Sep 24th. They told what happened to them, and how
several have found out that they are fathers. Finley was
interviewed and she takes no blame or responsibility for
her crimes.

Bobbie Jo Finley wants a man!
Not just any man,
This serial bigamist wants a service man!

So the desperate flirty Finley dolls up
her face and goes out hunting among
the human race.

She meets up with a GI Joe, finds out
his interests (which then become hers)
because to get their dough -
that's what and where she must go.

Getting them to roll in the hay
she plys her (ugh!) wiles and (cough!)
charms to get her way.

Butter wouldn't melt in flames - but she has
a rap sheet all the same!

Conning them she does -
and then with access to their dough-
out like an old pent up fart she does go!

Waddling out of their lives, leaving
bewildered destitution - wider than
her behind.

If it's a hide out she needs, she cons men or
women with tales of her false deeds - "I
served in Iraq" she claims, as handily as
as she changes her 30 or more names.

A claim of "I need help - I'll turn myself in."
Oh, no! That she won't do!!!

Instead of saying I do's she'll find herself
again, wearing shiny bracelets at waist and

So now with aliases galore and the Military on her tail,
Bobbi Jo Finley is still on the make, hoping for another
Serviceman's money, credit, credit cards, checks and
belongings to take!

So beware Service boys and gals!
This grifter is on the loose!

Make sure you don't become her next victim!
Turn her in and kick her out on her scamming

For more information: Serial Bigamist targets Servicemen