Friday, March 06, 2009

WEBSLEUTHS True Crime Forum Scandal

Update March 7, 2009 Patsy's view of Tricia Griffith
The scales have dropped from mine eyes.

There's a lot of discussion going on among many followers of true crime this week
after the discovery that a moderator at Websleuths is a convicted sexual abuser.

This discovery wasn't announced by WS moderators, or the owner/administrator
of Websleuths, Tricia Griffith, but by another blog owner, "Princess" from Beaconhell.

Although Tricia Griffith claims to have banned "Windchime" aka "BreezySeas45" aka
Terry Stipp and removed as a moderator, many do not believed that she was ip banned
and is still allowed to be posting as a member under another nic due to her friendship
with Griffith.

Once the news broke, the flurry of questions angry members had grew in number.
Especially as discussion of Windchime was forbidden, although not to Windchime's sister,
Judy Sholes aka "Pixie_Dust," who was allowed to post a rebuttal message, which
essentially called the children in the case liars.

Griffith's feeble attempts to placate members only served to inflame those concerned
even more. In fact, her attempts to claim the revealing of the information was only
done to "take down or hurt Websleuths" are meant to deflect attention away from
the subject.

To continue reading more about this situation (and documents):

CMM FORUM - Scandal at True Crime Forum Websleuths - Moderator (former)
a convicted sexual abuser.

Griffiths is no stranger to controversy. At her Forums for Justice site, she has been
actively involved in the JonBenet Ramsey case, going so far as to insert herself into
the active case. Griffith set up a petition on behalf of herself and the 350 members
(at the time) and presented the petition to the Governor of Colorado.

Claiming ties to the Whites, Griffiths also has not allowed specific discussion about
certain parties in the case, mostly pertaining to the man who was with John Ramsey
when he discovered JonBenet. Yet in any other case, those close to the family are
usually treated to the most rigorous digging up of personal information and plastered
all over the forum for all and sundry to see.

In the Websleuths forum posters who claim to be related to, or are close to
a specific case, ie..the Haleigh Cummings case, are usually treated with high suspicion
until Griffith can "validate" the person as being who they claim to be. Yet of late, some
believe that if a person claiming such status is touting the line Griffith takes against
a family of a victim, then they are allowed to post unvalidated garbage.

In the Caylee Anthony case, Griffith arranged for Websleuth t-shirts to be available
first for purchase by those members from Websleuths who were to engage in an active
search for Caylee.

Methinks her quest for further publicity for herself is in direct contradiction to what
Websleuths original mission was. But of couse, it seems that mission has changed
under her tenure. It's all about her.