Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Casey Anthony - New Documents Released Jan. 21, 2009

The duct tape is no longer a rumor, it's true. From the released documents it's very clear that Caylee Anthony's murderer has a macabre streak. A heart shaped sticker stuck onto the duct tape that was placed across the child's mouth and into her hair on either side of her face. A sticker that fell off at some point, but remained as evidence, as did its sticky residue on the duct tape. A demented sentimental "goodbye, I love you" or a cold warped sense of humor? Among the photos in Casey Anthony's myspage pages (before they were deleted) is the familiar photo of Caylee but below it is a small red heart.

The child Caylee was wrapped in a laundry duffel bag and then placed into a garbage bag and discarded as trash. In with her body was a Winnie the Pooh blanket. The same type as the Winnie the Pooh set on her bed. A small toy horse that matches other small toy horses in the home. Pullups, little clothes and letters that stick to clothing.

There's also an insight into a grandmother's wail of despair, made not only to the 911 dispatcher, but to her supervisor. The pain raw and real and the fear was mounting.

"Cindy Anthony also called her supervisor Debbie Polisano the night she called police, July 15th 2008. Cynthia was crying and almost incoherent, screaming "I found Casey and the baby's gone. The baby's missing. We can't find the baby!" When asked if she called the police, she said they were on scene and speaking with Casey. Cynthia said "Oh my God Debbie, If something happened to the baby or if the baby's dead, I don't know what I'm going to do!"

"On December 11th, an Orange County Public Works worker located a bag with what appeared to be a human skull human skull at the 8900 block of Suburban Drive. This is less than 3/10ths of a mile from the child's Hopespring Drive address. Law enforcement was called and responded to the scene to secure it. CSI Geraldo Bloise arrived and positively confirmed that the skull with attached hair was human and that of as mall child. I arrived on scene and also confirmed that the skull appeared to be that of a small child."

"The scene was secured and the medical examiner responded to help collect the remains. The remains appeared to have been within a black plastic garbage bag and within a cloth laundry hamper bag. There was a piece of silver duct tape over the mouth area of the skull. The skull, bag and loose bones were collected and taken to the Orange County medical Examiner's office for further examination. Orange County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Investigators along with the FBI Evidence Response Team began processing teh crime scene. Once at the medical examiner's office Dr. Utz (Deputy Chief Medical Examiner) , Dr. Schults, (UCF Forensic anthropologist/consultant to the medical examiners office), Karen Cowan (FBI Evidence Response Team), and I better examined what was collected. When Dr. Utz went to remove the duct tape, he noticed that the tape was attached on both ends to the child's hair. The hair had to be cut in order for the duct tape to be removed. This tape was later sent to the FBI Lab in Quantico."

"While processing the duct tape at the FBI lab in Quanitco, the latent print unit noticed residue in the perfect shape of a heart. The heart was not hand drawn and residue appeared to be consistent with the adhesive side of a heart shaped sticker. It appears that the sticker was put on the duct tape intentionally. In the search area, investigators located a small heart shaped sticker similar in size to the residue found on the duct tape. The sheet from which this sticker came from was not recovered on scene."

August 18, 2008 Video of Jail Visit between Casey Anthony & George & Cindy Anthony
This video gives a glimpse of the "real" Casey Anthony when she gets angry. If she's this "frustrated and angry" while in jail trying to restrain herself because of the cameras, her tantrums outside of jail must be nasty events to experience.

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