Tuesday, December 02, 2008


As Curtis Lavelle Vance was being escorted by police officers
news journalists asked if he had killed Ann Pressly. Vance
shook his head no. He's also told police that he "wasn't
in Little Rock when Pressly was killed."

That's the usual response given by many perps in high profile
cases as the cameras flash and the mikes are extended their
way while they do the perp walk. In a sense, his denial
means nothing. Especially in the face of solid evidence
gathered during the investigation.

Little Rock authorities are positive they've got their culprit
for Ann Pressly's brutal murder and state the DNA match
has been "confirmed with scientific certainty that Vance is
the DNA contributor of the suspect in Ms. Pressly's

They're also stating they believe robbery was the motive.

Vance is said to have robbed a prior victim and she was left
alive after he'd raped her. However, she stated she hadn't
seen her attacker's face.

Ann may have, and, in fighting against being raped, her actions
in defending herself may have enraged Vance to where he beat
and killed her.

Her parents feel there's more to it than just robbery. Why did
he pick Ann? Was it really a chance encounter and he chose her
as his mark? Has he chosen his robbery victims in such a manner
before? It's known that he hung around neighborhoods and houses
checking them out prior to the burglaries that occured. Had he
been casing Ann's neighborhood? Her house because she was a
single person living alone?

Hopefully he'll either man up and answer those questions or his
girlfriend will. Appears she's under arrest now too, for theft. She's
been charged with pawning stolen goods. Presumably items
stolen by Vance in his burglaries.

That's how Vance came to the notice of authorites in Pressly's case.
Were those 7 items the girlfriend pawned belongings of Ann?
Perhaps we'll find out at trial.

Much speculation has been voiced on the net about the terrible
ordeal that Ann suffered the night she died and now her parents
have confirmed some of the horrific details.

The Cannady's state that Ann was sexually assaulted, her left hand
broken trying to fight off her attacker. "Six weeks ago this morning,
I found my daughter beyond recognition with every bone in
her face broken, her nose broken, her jaw pulverized so badly
that the bone had come out of it. I actually thought that her
throat had possibly been cut. Her entire skull had numerous
fractures from which she suffered a massive stroke."

If Vance truly did commit that horrendous attack on Ann, and is convicted
of the crimes committed upon and against her, he deserves the DP.