Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Killed Anne?

Although Law Enforcement in Little Rock, Arkansas stated
that they "have evidence" in the case, they are remaining
very tightlipped about what they do, or do not have.

Brad Garrett (former FBI agent) has said "the attack has many
earmarks related to stalking. "Someone who is struck multiple
times tends to lend itself to someone who had an obsession with
her or knew her, because it's personal versus someone who was
going to steal. Stalking or bothering people is a fairly common thing
for people who have daily exposure to the public on television. It
tees the ball up for that type of personality that wants to create
some fantasy world."

All too often we hear of a man or woman being beaten severely,
an up close and personal crime committed by the perp's own
hands, or a weapon held by them, versus pointing a gun and

Someone had a rage, a desire to inflict pain and suffering, to
transfer that rage onto Anne. If it was a random crime,
perhaps it was the rage that they were seen and could be
identified. If it was a stalker there likely would have been
a rage that they were to be denied her willing acceptance
of their unwanted adoration.

But if it was what many, including her family think, someone
who knew her, closely or peripherally, that someone didn't
really love Anne. Not really. To be able to beat Anne, or
any person for that matter, to break nearly every bone in
her face and hand shows a callous disregard for life.

While Law Enforcement goes about the business of an
investigation, the Little Rock Community is conducting
their own type of memorial for Anne. Radio stations from
all around the area of Little Rock have banded together and
are hosting a benefit to raise more money for the reward fund.

If you know of anything that might be relevant to the case,
Law Enforcement has a tip hotline at 501-517-0750. The website