Friday, October 03, 2008

Infamous Murderers - Steven Sherer

Steven Sherer, convicted in 2000 of the first degree murder of his wife Jami
Sherer who disappeared ten years before. Sherer was convicted in a no body
case by compelling circumstantial evidence.

Sentenced to 60 years in prison in Washington State, the Judge in the case
stated "he wanted to send Sherer away for a long time because he feared
for society and for women should Sherer ever walk free again."

Sherer was no stranger to Law Enforcement and was labeled a habitual
1980's Convicted for a string of thefts and traffic violations.
1987 Convicted of choking and assaulting a police officer in a drunken rage.
Abusive, controlling and alcoholic, Sherer made Jami Sherer's life a misery.
Sherer was also the last person to see Jami Sherer alive.

After his conviction for Jami Sherer's death, Steven Sherer hatched a plot
behind his prison cell bars to kill Jami's mother Judy Hagel along with his
and Jami's young son by burning her house. The person he chose as his
arsonist instead chose to talk to police.

Sherer: Found guilty of a crime I did not commit!

Sherer's appeals to date had been denied. However, in February 2008,
a Federal Judge in Seattle Federal Court scheduled a hearing to explore
the issue of why some evidence reportedly uncovered by a tracking dog
after Jami Sherer disappeared wasn't introduced at trial. Sherer and his
lawyer believe it's powerful evidence, enough to prove his innocence.
Since Sherer is also serving time for the attempted murder of Judy Hagel
and his own son any reversal of his murder conviction won't get
him out of jail. However, it would remove his third strike which he
hopes would enable him to be a free man one day.

Author Ann Rule profiled this case in her book "Empty Promises"