Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Frivolous Blonde lawsuit

When you think you've heard it all there comes another one
that makes you shake your head with derision.

Charlotte Feeney (Stratford Conn.) with locks of BLONDE
purchased a box of hair colour labeled.... BLONDE. Imagine
the horror and dismay when she viewed herself in the mirror
and found she had "accidentally" become a brunette!! The
panic and anguish caused her such suffering that she required
anti-depressants to sooth her troubled mind.

Just long enough to convince an attorney by the name of David
Laudano that she had a case against a big name company,

Feeney claimed in her lawsuit that the company had put a
BROWN dye in the box... which ruined her social life, leaving her

Feeney further claimed she can "never return to her
NATURAL BLONDE hue" and "missing the attention that
blondes receive" she had to curtail her socializing and to wear
hats when she ventured out into the public eye.

Hmm, purchasing a BLONDE box of DYE equals NATURAL BLONDE??
Accidentally? Purchasing the box, opening it, pouring it into your
hair and waiting the required time is an accident?

Cue sounds of skeptical laughter!

The company disputed her claims and the court ruled she had not
proved her case. Accordingly the case was dismissed.

IMO Feeney and her attorney, David Laudano should be censored for
wasting the court's time and the taxpayer's money for bringing such
a suit. Also, any salon she might choose to frequent in future ought to
be very cautious, she's liable to sue them for disturbing her natural
blonde hair in some fashion.