Saturday, October 18, 2008

Casey Anthony enters plea of Not Guilty

It's not surprising that Casey Anthony has entered a not guilty plea
given the tons of spin coming from her attorney Jose Baez.

If anyone had any hopes of her admitting to anything that tarnishes
the over weening self image that she has of herself, those hopes are
seeded in barren soil. Let's face it, Casey Anthony confessing would
mean less media coverage for herself or Baez. Even bad publicity is
good publicity as they say and this attorney, and this client think
they're celebrities.

November 5, 2008 is the trial date for the fraud charges but we're
not likely to see a trial for the murder charges until sometime next
spring. I say this because it's likely Baez will spin this out for as
long as possible, especially since the defense is stating Anthony
may represent herself with him as co-chair.

If little Caylee's death had been a pre-meditated act as law enforcement
believes, it was a cold and calculated act. Although nothing can justify
the death of a child, particularly by murder, one wonders at her motivation.
Was it jealousy over the child's attachment to the grandmother? Did she
wish to resume a carefree childess life? Or a combination of the two?
What possible motivation could she have had to plot the death of her

From all accounts Cindy and George Anthony would have willingly raised
little Caylee, freeing Casey to party hardy. However, since they were
reportedly trying to get her to take responsibility and to push her out of
the nest, I imagine that even had she turned over custody to them and
left she would have still felt as if they were judgemental of everything
she did. But that was an outlet she could have taken advantage of and she
knew it.

Perhaps it simply comes down to her own words "Maybe because I'm a
spiteful bitch."

UPDATE: Casey Anthony will be arraigned on first degree murder charges
and the additional charges on October 28, 2008, Judge Strickland.

Casey Anthony's pre-trial hearing for the financial fraud charges is
November 5, 2008, Judge Strickland.