Monday, July 07, 2008

On July 21, 2008, Judge Beauchesne
will decide on new trial date regarding
the Civil Trial being pressed by Laci
Peterson's family against convicted
murderer Scott Peterson.

The trial was to have started on July
8, 2008.
"Part of the case will revolve around whether
the trial will focus solely on monetary issues
or if the Rochas will have to prove whether
Peterson, in fact, killed Laci and Conner.

Judge Beauchesne's ruling indicated the guilty
verdict and conviction was not sufficient to
prevent the Rochas from having to prove
Scott killed his wife and eight-month-old
unborn child."

I still don't understand the Judge's ruling
on this since Scott Peterson was convicted
in the criminal proceedings and is now
on Death Row awaiting his appeals.
Perhaps once the Civil Trial gets under
way we'll see his reasoning.