Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The murders of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle

The trial of Neil Entwistle is currently underway
and certain facts are being established that
make Neil, whether he's the murderer or not
look like a prize ass, a con man and a

Although Neil reportedly claimed that he
wished to commit suicide after finding his
wife and child murdered I don't believe
that this is the case. Neil IMO wouldn't
hurt himself. He said "I looked at the
knife and I knew that "would hurt."

He was also actively seeking sexual
gratification through online sources both
before and after the murders. Those two
facts convince me that he wasn't planning
on hurting himself with a knife or a gun.

I also think he fled back home to the U.K.
thinking that because the U.S. has the death
penalty that he'd never be extradited.
Unfortunately for Neil, he didn't do his home
work well since Massachusetts will send him
to prison for life, not the DP, if he's convicted.

For those interested in the timeline,
the link has an excellent timeline beginning
from before Neil met Rachel and extends
to the present trial.

Neil Entwistle's fantasy life are shown
in the following examples:

Neil wrote a letter stating he wanted his ashes
scattered on Rachel and Lillian's grave" because
of concerns his body "would be made an example
of" if shipped back to the UK.

This from the man who didn't come back for
the funeral of the two people he claimed to
love. Who turned over all responsibility to her
parents. Oh, but he's to be forgiven since he
sent flowers and a note with x's and o's to
be placed on the gravesite! Who claimed
he didn't go to the funerals because "his
lawyer advised him not to."

"When Neil worked for British defense giant QinetiQ,
he allegedly told his in-laws he was a type of 007
employee with a $100,000 contract paying out
$10,000 a month while here in the states." (Boston

"Neil told his in-laws he was one of only “three
people in the world” who knew how to perform
a certain computer task. "

Instead the real Neil Entwistle checked
his email "ent" on his Adult Friend Finder
site; He logged into the mailbox on that
site on January 20, 2006 after 11 o'clock....
on his laptop in the same house where Rachel
and Lillian's bodies were lying murdered on
the bed in the master bedroom.

Neil claimed he fed Lillian at 7 a.m. that
morning while Rachel was still in bed
asleep and that he put her in bed with
her mother after feeding her. He also
claims that at 9 a.m. he left to go
shopping and came back about 11 a.m.
from the store to find them both shot

Baby Lillian was shot at point blank
range and Rachel was shot from no
more than 18 inches away.

And at 11 a.m. Neil Entwistle
logged into a sex site.

That night he attempted to
purchase a ticket but was unable
to get a flight out so he spent the
night in the BMW at the airport.
The next morning he obtained a
one way ticket to the U.K. and
fled while his family's bodies
began the process of decomposition.
Fleeing while family and friends tried
to reach Neil, Rachel and Lillian,
out of concern, ,worrying about
their welfare.

Neil told his friends and family
that he had discovered the bodies
and then called police. Yet he told
police he didn't think about calling
911 or even her parents.

His lawyer Weinstein claims that
everything he did before and after
the murders was done out of love.
Yeah, that's love... in a fantasist's

Neil was scamming
people on e-bay not only while here in the
U.S., but while he was in the U.K. His
emails apologizing were nothing more than
euphemisms, puff pieces to deflect blame.

Neil's claims that they used credit
cards to stay afloat financially, paired
with his actions in reportedly losing a
substantial amount of money on a
gambling site, combined with renting
a costly BMW & home which they
clearly couldn't afford further highlights
Neil's fantasist world.

It seems to me and to others I've read that
Neil liked to view himself as a hotshot, a 007
suave, intelligent man, better and smarter
than those around him.

Unluckily for him, there are intelligent
LE and Forensics officers who follow the
evidence - which tells its own tale.