Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Amanda Reagan Smith arrested on murder charges for the death of son Devon Epps

November 5, 2007, Amanda Reagan Smith was arrested on a murder
warrant for the strangling of her 7 year old son, Devon Chad Epps.

She was arrested at her place of work, Zaxby's, while, (as she put it on
her myspace page)"slangin' chicken." It's been reported that she was
"calm, cool" upon her arrest, and that it's believed she acted alone in
the killing.

After the bond hearing, ARS was held without bond in the Greenville
County Detention Center. She can look forward to a lengthy stay there
until a preliminary hearing, trial and sentencing occurs, if convicted.
It could be up to at least a year before any trial. As yet, the local
Prosecutor has not said whether the death penalty will be sought.

For an insight into Prosecutor Ariail, http://www.rapideyereality.com/
has =this to say: "Ariail has sought the death penalty is most of the high-profile
murders in his circuit. He has been successful in almost all of those prosecutions.
At the same time, Ariail is a prosecutor that absolutely despises losing and is
very reluctant to take a case before a jury if he thinks there is a chance he
won't win."

Many following this case thought that the story ARS told was a crock of bull.
It didn't pass muster, it didn't make any sense. The same sad question arises
time and again, how could a mother do this to her own child, her flesh and blood?

As in many cases, we may never have an adequate answer to that question.

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January 2010 -Some evidence was presented in court against Amanda Smith.

Investigator Mary Fields (Greenville County Sheriff's Office)
Smith's story didn't add up from the beginning. Forensics tests didn't support
her story. The only DNA evidence found in the car was Smith's and Devon's.
Dog teams never picked up a scent of the attacker Smith described.

Greenville County Coroner's Office Pathology report
The victim was on his stomach for at least 30 minutes prior to disocvery by
EMS. The defendant's carjacker story places the death of the victim on his back
in the back of the car minutes before EMS arrived.


2010 - August 3 - Devon Epps would have been 10 years old in August of this

On this date, August 3, 2010, his mother, Amanda Regan Smith entered an Alford
plea to involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of justice.

In an Alford plea, Smith maintains her innocence but concedes it was likely a jury
would convict her of the charges.

Public Defender John Mauldin
I agreed with my client’s decision to enter an Alford plea because it would be
difficult to prove she didn’t do it and the death of an innocent child heightened
emotions in the case. Amanda has maintained her innocence from the moment
of the 911 call. That never has wavered."

"Amanda didn't think a jury would find her innocent, she believes a jury would
convict her."

Judge Ned Miller sentenced Amanda Regan Smith to 5 years on the involuntary
manslaughter charge and 3 years for obstruction of justice. The sentences will
run consecutively.

Smith will get credit for the time she’s spent in jail since her arrest.Nov. 5, 2007.
That means Amanda Regan Smith will eligible for Parole in February 2011.

"The family members are drawing up a petition to make sure Amanda Smith will
serve her full sentence."