Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Safety

Do you remember trick or treating without a parent along in your neighborhood? Days or evenings of a gaggle of friends in costume going door to door, having fun, competing to see who had the most treats? Even though we weren't aware of the possible dangers we could have encountered, those threats did exist even then. Luckily for most of us we never had to face them. Perhaps it's because at the time many of the bad things that happen at Halloween to children weren't publicized as much on television back then that we all felt like there was no harm that could come to us.

Today we're all much more aware, especially those who follow true crime cases in the news. There are horrors that we've become knoweldgeable about and are all too aware of the dangers of allowing our children or grandchildren to trick or treat without an adult along. Even so, many have decided to take what they feel is a safer route in taking the children to pre-planned gatherings at schools, friends homes and other public venues designed for Halloween fun.

It's a very scary state of affairs when one feels compelled or is urged to take children's bags of trick or treat goodies to have them x-rayed at a local hospital prior to consumption. No longer is it safe for the children to dump out their goodies and trade or choose what they're going to eat before an adult searches it first for hidden harm.

Halloween is coming soon, and it's never too soon to start planning on where, when and how long your scary or cute trick or treater(s) will be having fun.

Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!