Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What harm?

Yobbo Mouth

Yob or Yobbo = Bully

Quote: "Don't even call my bluff. It's just a really bad idea.
Especially this time of year. I get kind of cranky this time
of year. Provoking me is not recommended.

Never mind the fact that now we have correctly identified
you and several other mutts, it's only a matter of time
before we pick off the last couple.

You people are just too stupid to stay anonymous.
Posted by: loretta at December 28, 2005 10:47 AM"

It is the individual person's right to protect their
true name and identity, and to have a modicum
of privacy while posting on the net if they so choose.
Regardless of whether they use "anonymous," a
pseudo/faux name or online persona nic.

Yobbo believes she has the right to know who any person is
regardless of their rights. It's her perogative to "figure out"
who a person is, then chooses a time to get even with a them,
and to post their information openly on the Internet, along
with her defamatory discourse.

Trouble is, Yobbo is often wrong. Incorrect. Way off base. Out
of the ball park. Left Field. You get the picture.

Her "trained ear" (tin ear and vaunted hinky meter (spin
meter) tells her that she's right aboutx person. Usually, in
reality she's so very wrong. This isn't a singular occurrence
on her part either. Numerous are the occasions when she
has been wrong.

According to yobbo no harm is done if she "outs" a person who
doesn't know she exists.

Yobbo defaming a person who's possibly not even on the
Internet... isn't harm?

Yobbo defaming a person who is online, but has never
known of her existence, therefore never interacted positively
or negatively with her... isn't harm?

Emailing that person and blaming them for certain actions,
of which they have no knowledge of in the first place... isn't harm?

After reading a woman's private emails to your current,
sorta ex spouse, and posted those on the Internet for all to
jeer at ... isn't harm?

You decide.