Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sarah and Philip Gehring - The search has ended.

Tonight, the remains found were positively identified as those of Sarah and Philip Gehring.

A family's search has ended.

In July of 2003, Manual Gehring confessed to authorities that he had killed his children and buried them somewhere in Ohio near the interstate. Shortly after, he committed suicide before he could stand trial for his heinous crimes. Ever since, Teri and Jim Knight have been searching for Sarah and Philip.

In Hudson, Ohio, a woman walking with her dog, stumbled upon remains thought to be those of Sarah and Philip Gehring of Concord, New Hampshire. The remains were wrapped in plastic garbage bags with two wood crosses made with duct tape on top. A single grave near a willow tree. Gehring had given a description to police of where he'd left the bodies of his children. The area was consistent with his description. He also said he had left taped crosses on his children's bodies.